My name is Jeanette Zwart.  I’ve worked in publishing, for the Big Six and otherwise, for a long time, with books of all kinds and from one end of the rainbow to the other.  The next book is always the pot of gold.

Here are some things this blog covers:

– Book reviews – formal versions published in Shelf Awareness or specifically for this blog

– Discussions about particular books, especially looking at different opinions from key book reviewers.  Sometimes I’ll have read the book in question and sometimes (because my eyes are bigger than my reading capacity) I haven’t yet,  but and I am interested in how that book is being received

– Discussions about books in general

– The craft of writing – what makes for great writing; what makes a book “work” editorially.  In other words, what makes it a satisfying reading experience

– Anything else that strikes my interest

My personal reading preferences tend towards literary fiction, narrative non-fiction in multiple subject areas, and poetry.  Popcorn, of course, is an essential part of any diet.

I welcome comments (they are moderated; civility matters!)

You can reach me at thesecondword@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!


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